Ants. Spiders. Centipedes. Cockroaches. Earwigs. Millipedes. Rats. Mice Silverfish. fleas. wasps. Stinging Pests … and more

We understand that your home is your castle, and the last thing you want to see in your castle is unsightly, unhygienic and in some case down right scary pests. At Pest Proof, we can help you to recover your home and restore it to the happy and pleasant place which it was before the pests moved in! By carefully locating the source of the infestation, we then take the time and care to remove it from your property and seal up all potential access ways through which pests could claim a foothold in your home again. By considering your personal situation, including whether there are curious young children or pets living in your home, we then use a variety of environmentally friendly and humane methods to help you prevent future problems. Finally, we will then provide you with a crash course in the right methods which you, yourself, can use in the future to ensure that your home is forever fortified against future threats by pests!

You are just a click away from being  pest-free so you can take care of the things that matter most in life!.

Why Pest Proof Victoria?

Our domestic pest control service is affordable, fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends, and pets. We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively and to protect all the things that matter most.

We use industry leading products that are both effective, safe and easy on the environment.

Pest Proof is #1 in the pest control industry for value, knowledge, and innovation, that means you can be sure we get the job done at the right price.

No other company can offer pest control servicing with the level of detail, knowledge and care that Pest Proof can, just ask some of our previous customers

We use a more holistic approach then the other guy's!

Services offered:

  • Traditional pest control solutions
  • Environmentally friendly solution’s
  • Pest proofing through light building works
  • Environment manipulation to prevent pest activity
  • Advising clients on safe and effective pest control strategies

How we work:

  • We inspect the premises from top to bottom to identify the pests and how they enter the premises.
  • We treat the perimeter of your premises by using the required methods, depending on factors such as the nature of the pests, and the nature and use of the structure. We use methods that are safe to you and the environment, ensuring that we don’t mess with the ecology of the environment.
  • The next thing we do is to fortify your premises so that we can keep the pests out. This is done through things like sealing, caulking, plugging, and securing gaps that are in the building. We can also install bristle strips to the bottom of doors to seal any ingress points under doors, as well as ensure that pests aren’t coming in through the utility lines.
  • We then treat the interior of the premises, even installing pest monitors and detectors in pest prone areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms.
  • We then give you a detailed report of the services that we have provided, even giving you any recommendations that can keep your home pest free.

What our clients have to say about us!

"Best pest control company I've dealt with, quick response, knowledgeable, and great value."
Glenn Stebbings
Operations Manager
"Pest Proof solved my problem when the other guy’s couldn’t, Thanks again Adam.”
Andrew McConnor
QA Manager
"Quick Response, job well done.”
Jillian Stewart